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Next time you’re in town why not stop for a pint at The Ragged Trousers and see what I have for sale in there!?

Ragged Outside + Tables

Statue Commission – Update

Clay Model complete and ready to present to the Church patrons next week. Stone has arrived from Canterbury.

There will likely be some small modifications impressed into the stone, but the working model should serve as a fairly accurate rendition of what to expect in the final Limestone piece. If it meets with approval then the chisel will be out next Thursday!


I have been commissioned to carve a Moses statue for a Church in South East London.

Amongst the existing set of 5 statues, one has eroded very badly. It is no longer distinguishable. It has been this way for 25 years. The Church has been looking since then for a Sculptor to make a replacement.

I was delighted to accept the commission and have started work on the model.

Once I decide upon the exact pose and details, this will be carved into French Limestone, to match the existing set within the Church. The unique stone is on order. The statues date from the 19th Century, so are Victorian reproductions of classical renaissance sculptures. The Moses is approx 18 inches in height, 5 inches across and deep.

I shall be drawing upon inspiration from the famous Michelangelo Moses sculpture in Rome, along with the Moses at New College Chapel, Oxford, and oddly, from ongoing reference to myself as I am a cheap and accessible life model! I also have removed the neighbouring statue and am using this for scale and mirroring of pose to make the replacement as harmonious as possible with the original set.

Thanks for looking!

Symmetry and Baku

Had a great time over the Summer working on various youth projects for Arts and Crafts. Got to catch up with some fellow Artists and work with many of the young people Ive come to know over the years through Art. Was especially pleased with the 8x4ft mural we created. The finished result will be mounted in a local Childrens Surestart Centre.

It was the culmination of 2 weeks worth of effort from 40+ different young people. Some devoted hours to it, others, contributed mere scribble seconds. I divided the primed plyboard into sections and the starting point was typically to select 3 colours and produce a pattern. I provided some reference material and inspiration, for those who wanted it. It became more elaborate and intricate as the details were added over the last 3 days.

We also painted a Baku (Japanese creature that eats nightmares) with a tattoo-inspired Chinese dragon. These activities were aimed towards learning about colour mixing and colour value. I was really pleased with the efforts and subsequent result of these.

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THE WALL/Fer trade or sale

A Kong dartboard cabinet Claire and I did (for sale), along with some pinstriped vinyls (£40 each). Another posca painting which was done for an exhibition in July (£200). A small watercolour painting of Jesus (£55). Thaaaaanks for looking!





Summer Jungle Olympic Mural

A few pics of a mural Claire and I did during August with the help and enthusiasm of some local budding Artists! The project was set and funded by Feltham Town Centre, London Borough of Hounslow.

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An idea I had to reveal some of the experimentation I am doing and generally what I am working on at the moment. Whats taped to the wall, or on the desk at any given time! All with larger planned pieces in mind, these are the developmental stages. Enjoy!

Firstly, after reading Hinduism for Dummies, I was inspired to do something about the 4th age of the world (which, according to scriptures we are in now). Kali is imminent..

On the surface, more religious imagery, (who could tell Im Agnostic). Part of a larger planned piece and a continued interest in Iconongraphy and sacred Art forms.

Some ideas I was working out on paper before committing to skin

Crown of Thorns tattoo

Matt has kindly donated another area towards his next installment of indelible ink. Another couple of hours and we’ll be all done. I drew the design after looking through some Renaissance books I had at home, and added the Mandala from imaginative studies that took place in my head!